Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan has long been something of a best-kept secret for local travelers. But, thanks to its picturesque beauty and diverse topography, more travelers seeking unique experiences in nature are increasingly drawn here. Think gorgeous lakes. Gurgling streams. Dreamy, desert-like spaces. Rocky beaches and windswept seas … Binh Thuan has them all. As it was once part of the Cham principality of Panduranga, Binh Thuan is also archaeologically significant. Want to climb some dunes, learn to surf, go camping or see Cham relics? Give Binh Thuan a go…

Top things to do in Binh Thuan

Admire spiritual architecture

Make a mini-pilgrimage to spiritual sites from the past and present. Northeast of Phan Thiet city, you’ll find the 1200-year-old Poshanu Cham Tower temples. Built in the Hoa Lai architectural style during the reign of the Champa Kingdom, these mysterious towers are national monuments. Two Buddhist temples atop Ta Cu Mountain are south of the city: Linh Son Truong Tho and Long Doan pagoda. There you’ll find the biggest reclining Buddha statue in Vietnam.

Surf sand dunes

There are many stretching dunes, sand, and beaches which attract tourists to come, play and snap away. Apart from the stunning photo ops, thrill-seekers can try 4×4 dune bashing, sandboarding, or sand sliding. Head to Bau Trang or Mui Ne to get in on the action.

Catch a wave

Wanting to surf some swells? Mui Ne is Vietnam’s surfing hotspot. Thanks to its fairly consistent waves and lashings of wind, it’s also the best place to learn how to kite-surf.

Head to the hills

Binh Thuan has some hilly and mountainous terrain for adventure-seekers or those wanting cooler, forest-like spaces. Mountain climbers, bikers, or hikers can head to Ta Cu Mountain. Or pack a picnic and rest beside Suoi Hong, the sparkling ‘fairy stream’ that runs between white stalactite hills.

Explore the islands

Go island-hopping to explore some of the province’s most pristine beaches and wild, deserted coastal landscapes. Check out Cu Lao Cau or Phu Quy island, among others.


Binh Thuan Weather

While Binh Thuan has a tropical monsoon climate, it’s considerably arider than the rest of the country. During the rainy season (from May to October), it doesn’t receive as much rainfall as other parts of Vietnam. The weather is generally sunny and windy – so many wind-energy projects have been implemented here. The best time to plan your trip is from November to April.

Binh Thuan Transport


There’s no airport in the province as yet. So it’s best to fly to either Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang, from there, get a bus or train to Phan Thiet. The main North-South Railway runs through Muong Man Railway Station, just outside Phan Thiet. Use Grab or a taxi to go to the city. For sightseeing, take a motorbike, taxi or bus.

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