My Son Sanctuary Discovery & Farm-to-Table Cooking Class

“Embark on a truly immersive journey through Vietnam’s cultural and culinary heritage with our ‘From Field to Temple: My Son Sanctuary Discovery & Farm-to-Table Cooking Class’ tour. Begin your day by exploring the vibrant tapestry of local life at a bustling market, where colorful stalls offer a glimpse into Vietnam’s rich culinary traditions. Engage with local vendors, sample exotic fruits, and soak in the lively atmosphere before heading to the ancient wonders of My Son Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wander amidst centuries-old Hindu temples and intricate stone carvings, delving into the rich history of the Champa Kingdom. Afterward, venture into the lush countryside surrounding My Son for a hands-on farm-to-table cooking class at a local organic farm. Learn traditional Vietnamese cooking techniques using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and savor the fruits of your labor with a delicious lunch. This unique combination of cultural exploration, culinary experience, and local market visit promises to create lasting memories of Vietnam’s vibrant heritage.”

  • 7:30 – 8:00 AM: Our Tourguide pick you up at your hotel (additional fee added If your hotel is over 5km away from Hoi An Center – Please contact our team for details)
  • 8:30 AM: Arrive at the Local market and begin your exploration of the vibrant stalls filled with fresh produce, spices, and local delicacies. Engage with friendly vendors, learn about traditional Vietnamese ingredients, and sample exotic fruits and street food. Capture the bustling atmosphere and colorful sights of the market as you immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • 9:15 AM: Depart from the market and continue your journey to My Son Sanctuary.
  • 9:45 – 11: 30 AM: Arrive at My Son Sanctuary,our knowledgeable guide who will lead you on a fascinating exploration of the ancient Hindu temples. Wander through the mystical ruins and marvel at the intricate stone carvings and architectural marvels dating back to the Champa Kingdom. Learn about the rich history and cultural significance of My Son Sanctuary as you visit various temple structures, including the main sanctuary, gate tower, and stone pillars.
  • 11:45 :Depart from My Son Sanctuary and journey to a local organic farm nestled in the lush countryside
  • 12:00: Arrive at the farm and meet your experienced Chef who will guide you through a hands-on cooking class. Learn traditional Vietnamese cooking techniques using fresh, organic ingredients sourced directly from the farm. Prepare and cook authentic dishes under the guidance of expert chefs, from fragrant pho to crispy spring rolls. Enjoy the fruits of your labor as you sit down to a delicious farm-to-table meal, savoring the flavors of Vietnam.
  • 15:30 Depart the Farm to back your hotel, bid farewell to your tourguide concluding your immersive journey through Vietnam’s cultural and culinary heritage.


  • SMALL DELUXE GROUP TOUR (Max: 12 Pax)PRICING( per person) : 1.300.000vnd 


    Hotel pick up & drop off around Hoi An
    All Entrance Fee

    Tour guide Fee
    Welcome Drink & Cold Towel
    Food as our programs
    1 drink and 1 bottle of water
    Children from 4-8 years old- half price, share seat with adult
    Note: We’re flexible with the tour arrangements and can cater to your specific requirements.

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